Wegter Brand Elevates Dining Experience in the United States with Exclusive Palmer and Maastricht Porcelain Lines

Philadelphia PA, October 2023 — Wegter, the esteemed European brand renowned for its commitment to quality and design, proudly announces the arrival of its Palmer and Maastricht porcelain lines in the United States. With 95% of our products crafted in Europe, including the precision-engineered few lines of Light Porcelain from Japan, Wegter sets a new standard in stoneware excellence.

Embodying the essence of Portuguese craftsmanship, our stoneware products epitomize unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail. In an era where the culinary world transcends the boundaries of traditional white porcelain, Wegter embraces a vibrant palette to accentuate the culinary artistry and elevate the dining experience.

"At Palmer Hospitality, we believe that every meal is a work of art, deserving of exquisite presentation. Our Palmer and Maastricht porcelain lines reflect the perfect blend of European craftsmanship and contemporary design" says Dimitry Lacey, Senior Marketing Executive at Palmer Hospitality (Wegter’s US division)

Recognizing the evolving demands of the market, Wegter`s US division, Palmer Hospitality, is making significant investments in infrastructure on the East Coast of United states. This strategic move includes the establishment of our own warehouse, a fleet of dedicated trucks, and a team of experienced sales professionals on the ground. This ensures prompt and efficient service, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

As we bring the Wegter experience to the American table, we invite culinary enthusiasts and hospitality professionals alike to discover the transformative power of our Palmer and Maastricht porcelain lines. Elevate your dining space with Wegter — where excellence meetsdesign.

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### About Wegter:
Wegter, a European leader in stoneware innovation, is dedicated to providing high-quality porcelain solutions that transcend culinary expectations. With a rich heritage of craftsmanship, Wegter continues to redefine the art of dining.

### About Palmer Hospitality:
Palmer Hospitality, the US division of Wegter Netherlands, is committed to delivering Wegter's excellence to the American market. With investments in infrastructure and a local presence on the East Coast, Palmer Hospitality ensures seamless access to Wegter's world- class products.